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"Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die? on DVD at Potomac Video" post link

Explore it all here.

And here is the link to a New York Times review of filmmaker Laurence Jarvik's documentary Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die?, regarding the role America played (or rather, sadly did not play when she had the chance to rescue many future victims) regarding the holocaust.

Here is a little bit from Vincent Canby's 1982 review (linked above):

"The film is full of uncomfortable testimony to the effect that this country's leaders were well aware of the form that Hitler's ''final solution'' was taking as early as August 1942, but that any concerted efforts to save the victims were sidetracked until the formation of the War Refugee Board early in 1944."

Here is Laurence Jarvik's blog.

The doc is out on DVD from Kino.

- Sujewa

ps - i work at potomac video now (2nd day job, started recently - will help with all the '07 film projects of mine), very cool dc video store; great collection of old movies, got a section of Jarmusch films, and even a couple of Moritsugu titles!


LaurenceJarvik said…
Thanks for the link!
The Sujewa said…
No problem Laurence!

I am sure we'll run into each other at the store sometime, I'll be working there FT starting next week. Will be there this Sat night.

A kid (late teens) rented your DVD today.

- Sujewa

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