Friday, April 27, 2007

Wow, On The Road is gonna be 50 years old this year, dig it baby :: Beats & Film Blog-A-Thon

On September 5, 1957, Jack Kerouac's novel On The Road was published. The book was controversial in its time, but is now considered an American classic, and is taught in high school. The book's focus on travel, exotic religion & philosophy, jazz, sex, and the lives of several unconventional young writers was considered rebellious and the book has been popular with segments of several generations of youth. The initial wave of youth who were seemingly reflective of the kind of people Kerouac wrote about were dubbed The Beat Generation by the mainstream press of the time.


How is that film adaptation of On The Road coming along anyway?


Beats & Film Blog-A-Thon

To celebrate the occasion, let's do a Beats & Film blog-a-thon. Post something about an instance where a Beat writer or something significantly related to the Beats and cinema comes together (Allen Ginsburg in a movie, a Kerouac type character in an episode of Quantum Leap, film by Robert Frank with a few Beat writers as actors, whatever), e-mail me the link or post it in comments below, will link to it & post about it. Starts now, will go on until September 6. Thanksalot!

- Sujewa

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