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Amir Motlagh to direct feature Micro this summer :: Filmography & other work

CA based (i think somewhere near LA) talented & prolific DIY indie filmmaker/musician/actor Amir Motlagh (directed shorts Still Lover, My Break Ups into a Million Pieces, plays in the band Shanks and the Dreamers, stars in his & other's movies; see below for a longer list of work) is currently editing his first feature Whale. Amir also recently announced that he will be directing a new feature this year; a micro-budget feature called Micro - a comedy about a filmmaker who is making an ultra-low budget feature. I like movies about making movies, and I like most of Amir's movies that I've seen, so I am looking forward to checking out Micro.

I may have a tiny role to play in making Micro; will have more on that in early June.

Check out Amir's blog for updates on his projects.

I interviewed Amir in '05, read that interview here.

Read a more recent interview with Amir, from '06, here.

And here's that list of Amir's work that I mentioned on paragraph 1 (note - looks like this list was made prior to shooting Whale, so it is a little bit old, but still good re: Amir's earlier work):

Amir Motlagh

Filmography (feature)
Whale (pre production/feature length fiction)
Pumkin Little (40 min documentary)

(short subject film/video)
When I die, will you remember my poem (in production/cinematic essay)
Still Lover (2003)
Dino Adino (2001/ recut intro 2004)
Love @ 11:47 (2001)

Lessons in Self-Destruction- an eight part video series (2004-2005)
#01. She Shouldn’t Lick Me There
#02. One Night With Stella, Harold and Maude
#03. The Flight of Flowers
#04. The Banalities of a Hard Dick
#05. WHS 96/97
#06. Untitled
#07. Untitled
#08. Persian Boy Spins Himself Into Extinction

Acting (Selected/Film)
Whale (pre production)
Today’s Tomorrow
Silent Partner
Trying to Kill Me (ver.2.0)
Love @ 11:47
Dino Adino
Blood Types are Nothing

Writing (for film)
Whale (pre production)
My Life on the 405 (feature treatment)
Still Lover
Love @ 11:47Dino Adino
Memoirs of a man that will die tonight

(Novels, short story, verse, etc.)
The Most Tender Ovulations Man Can Withstand (short story and verse/ ongoing)
Excerpts at 2am (verse collection/2003)
Issues on Automatic (one act play/2001)

Photo Series
Mothers, Lovers and Fuckers (ongoing)
When the Kids Were Alive (2003)
Still Lover (2003)
Pumkin Little (2004)
I dreamt of a sweet suburban sugar cube (ongoing)
Polaroid’s tear my heart out (ongoing)

Camels, Colors, and other things disjointed (ongoing)

Shanks and the Dreamers (5 track EP “If only I were left a Heart” early 2005)

Misc. Music
Pumkin Little (original score)
Still Lover (original score)

You can see the above list, illustrated with stills from Amir's films, here.

- Sujewa


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