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Alternative to Mumblecore: Sujewa Ekanayake, Amir Motlagh, James Spooner

For your next article (or more likely blog post) about, in favor of, or against the Mumblecore film movement, or re: young & interesting real indie filmmakers, consider adding some paragraphs re: 3 exciting, currently very active, non-Mumblecore but low-budget, self-distributing indie/DIY filmmakers who also have made some very interesting movies recently. These people are (in alphabetical order):

- (myself) Sujewa Ekanayake
films: Fresh Coffee (1992), Wild Diner (1999), Capital Heartbreak & Sweetness: 17 DC Poets (2002), Date Number One (2006). very indie/DIY. self-distributes.

- Amir Motlagh
films: too many to mention - over a dozen shorts, including popular short Still Lover, & the recent Knock.Knock. currently editing first feature Whale. also prepping to shoot a new feature called Micro this summer. very indie/DIY. self-distributes.

- James Spooner
films: Afro-Punk, White Lies Black Sheep
very indie/DIY. self-distributes.

A google search on these filmmakers will reveal all the links & info. you need for your articles. They can also be pretty easily contacted through the magic of e-mail.

Why did I group these 3 filmmakers together? Because they are very indie/DIY & use low budgets & digital video & make stories about young, contemporary characters AND because they are non-"white". In case the indie film media & related folks are only aware of the "white" Mumblecore filmmakers being the only interesting real indie film action happening in the USA right now (that often appears to be the case), I wanted to alert you to check out this alternative for your next article re: Mumblecore or re: exciting new young US indie filmmakers.

Thanks indie film media peeps!

& readers, feel free to add, in Comments below, names & links to other young indie filmmakers that should be considered when the press wants to write/talk about new filmmakers.

- Sujewa


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