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Date Number One should be in NYC & LA this year for 1 week or longer runs

slowly figuring out the details re: Date Number One theatrical for rest of '07. should have the exact dates & venues worked out in/by July, will announce the details, most likely, after the July 12 - 18 DC area run (in Kensington, MD).

so, if I can do at least 1 week each in NYC & LA this year (on top of the upcoming 1 week in the DC area), that would be a minor theatrical self-distribution success for DNO (for '07 at least).

will have DVDs available for sale in June (from my website), working on them as I write this, for everyone who does not live in DC, NYC or LA (or also for those who do & want to see/own the flick on DVD) .

hopefully i can screen the film at several more cities this year, aside from the week+ long runs in the 3 cities mentioned. but DC, NYC & LA is a very good start for longer/1 week+ runs (beyond a day or a weekend, we did 13 of those in '06 & so far in '07) for DNO.

yeah, it is entirely possible that this initial distribution phase of this film, started in May '06, will take as long or longer than the time it took to make the film (2.5 years).

OK. that i guess is how things are. cool.

- Sujewa


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