Saturday, May 12, 2007

Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman sounds interesting

Here's what I know about Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman so far: it is a multi-part documentary, 6 hours long all together, in it filmmaker Jennifer Fox discusses her life & the lives of several female friends around the world. This Reeler interview makes the film sound very interesting. Here is a quote from the interview:

"[Reeler] For the record, what is Flying about -- if we can summarize the six hours?

[Fox] It starts with a personal crisis -- my crisis --about who am I as a woman. You know, entering my 40s, not married, no kids, multiple partners, several abortions and the whole kind of a typical modern woman trying to make sense of my life by talking to other women everywhere -- starting with my friends in New York to my friends on the West Coast, England, France, Germany, Africa, India, Pakistan, Cambodia. Trying to say what we have in common, how are we different, how can I find a mirror for my life when there are no mirrors. I don't have a difficult life, but at the same time, I'm constrained by typical things -- typical gender issues that have affected me my whole life. It's really an exploration about all of that, through an overriding storyline that's my own. I think there are 13 countries in this six hours. But it's very dramatically driven; it's not an ethnographic survey, it's not a sociological survey. It's a real story of me going on the road with my life."

Read the rest of the interview here.

Looking forward to checking out Flying.

Film is playing at Film Forum in NYC in July.

- Sujewa

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