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Hal Hartley on Fay Grim, at ShortEnd Magazine

Here is the intro, from a post on ShortEnd Magazine:

"On closing night of the Atlanta Film Festival, director Hal Hartley spoke for thirty minutes about his newest release Fay Grim, a sequel to his 1997 Henry Fool. The following is an excerpt from his audience Q&A.

Gabe Wardell: Tell us a little bit about why you chose to make a sequel to Henry Fool this many years later, and what brought you to the process and back to telling the story.

Hal Hartley: When I was writing the first one, I knew that what I was writing seemed like it was part of something very long. That was exciting…The actors, during revisions, I would give them revisions for scenes from Henry Fool and take them out as they proved themselves to be superfluous as it were. Together (the actors) would be upset, “Oh, I really loved that scene.” And, I said, “Don’t worry. That will be part of the other seven.” Like good jokes, there was something real, and everybody understood that. We didn’t really take it seriously I think until we saw the film Henry Fool finished and knew that there was a future, particularly for the character of Fay."

Read the rest of the conversation here.

Henry Fool is one of Hartley's most accessible & fun movies, so Fay Grim, the follow up to HF, should be exciting (also, a chance to watch Parker Posey, indie/indiewood star of the 90's in action in an indie film again is cool). FG is coming out on May 18, get all the info. here, looking forward to it.

- Sujewa


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