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interesting sentence in a book by Warhol

i am reading a book called Popism: The Warhol 60's, written by Andy Warhol & Pat Hackett (link: a 1990 reprint at Amazon). ran across an interesting line in the book, Warhol says:

" Although I didn't buy a movie camera till some time in '63, it had certainly occurred to me to be a do-it-yourself filmmaker long before then,..."

line is on page 29.

the fact that he used the term do-it-yourself is interesting to me. the book has a copyright of 1980 so maybe that's not so weird after all. i didn't think artists in America used the term "do-it-yourself" to describe their work until after the punk days, late 70's i guess - so if the book was written around the late 70's, then it all makes sense. but maybe the term was in use in the 60's, at least by some people Warhol knew. who knows.

aside from all that, the book is a good read, demystifies Warhol. it could all be an act, but why and how he did things is explained in the book, he does not come off as other-worldly as he often does in movies such as Factory Girl. the book makes him sound like a pretty ordinary & likable dude, with of course some very interesting ideas about art & people.

- sujewa


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