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James Spooner interview at PunkTV

While searching for a review of James Spooner's new movie White Lies, Black Sheep, I came across this interview at a site called PunkTV - I believe the interview is from this year. Here is a sample:

" Speaking of doing what you’re supposed to do let’s talk about White Lies Black Sheep. I noticed a similar theme in this one. It reminds me that as writers we are taught to write about what we know and in this one your African American character is falling in love with a white girl and his friends are maligning him for not being loyal to his race. Tell us about that movie?

[Spooner] It is kind of a spin off of some of the themes that are dealt with in Afro Punk. It is done as a documentary/narrative so it’s a blurry line but it focuses on this kid AJ Talib that is a black guy who is involved in the New York rock and roll scene. He’s just more comfortable hanging around white rocker kids than he is hanging around black people from Bedstye which is where he grew up. The story really spans like a year and some change and it’s really his journey from going to a place where ultimately he doesn’t really like himself that much to a place where there’s hope and we can see that he’s finding out new things about himself and challenging who he is and where he’s been and where he’s going."

I didn't find any reviews of White Lies today. If anyone sees any, let me know. Looking forward to checking that film out when I can. Still need to see Afro-Punk, Spooner's previous film.

- Sujewa


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