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a little GoodTimes Kid write up at Boston Globe

Blame it on watching Mystery Train & Stranger Than Paradise too many times, but I do like kind of surreal & funny & minimalist features about odd characters, so, the Azazel Jacobs film The GoodTimes Kid might be a movie that I would enjoy. Looking forward to checking it out whenever I stumble across it (another good thing about these minimalist movies, there's no rush, waiting to watch the movie is almost as exciting as watching the movie; maybe certain movies release certain brain waves - alpha waves? omega waves? and that's why i like watching them even though there isn't much happening on the screen, who knows).

Here's a recent small mention of The GoodTimes Kid at the Boston Globe:

" "The GoodTimesKid"

Written and directed by co-star Azazel Jacobs (son of legendary avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs), this low-fi comedy bounces off the festival circuit and lands with a lovely little splat. It's one day in the life of three hapless Los Angelenos: two men named Rodolfo Cano (Azazel and Gerardo Naranjo) and the free spirit who bounces between them (Sara Diaz). Very rough, very funny, with sensibilities derived equally from Chaplin, Jim Jarmusch, and the Gang of Four.
-- Ty Burr"

I hope its not funny like Funny Ha Ha ('cause that kind of funny i don't really get) but funny like early Jarmusch or Hartley or even Seinfeld & some moments in Mutual Appreciation. That kind of funny I like.

Check out Kid blog here. Scroll down & read the Salon write up when you get to the blog, good stuff.

- Sujewa


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