Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mission: Washington OR Let's see how much local press I can generate for the upcoming 1 week run of Date Number One (7/12 - 18, Kensington, MD)

The last time I played a movie of mine for a week in the Washington, DC area was in 1999 - my now "suppressed" :) feature Wild Diner played at Cineplex Odeon Foundry in Georgetown for a week. That was also the last time I received some decent press coverage from the Washington Post. 6 years later, the film this time is much better and I've got a lot more experience in producing DIY screenings, so, I should be able to generate a lot more press & get the word out re: the run throughout the DC area. Some facts & figures will be uncovered: how many people actually live around here (5 million?), how many are interested in real indie films?, how do I get the word out to those people?, can I get TV & radio & mainstream print press coverage? All interesting & useful things to figure out. Will post results as I work through the 2 months leading up to the July 12 -18 run of Date Number One in Kensington, MD.

- Sujewa

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