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Nice LA Weekly article (from '05) re: DC DIY band The Evens

While DIY film as a career path or shall we say the DIY film industry is in its infancy in the US of A right now (indie film/filmmakers as conceived in 80's & 90's rely on indiewood distribution for the most part to make money & sustain themselves, DIY filmmakers self-distribute; and there is only a handful of such filmmakers at the moment - but more are joining the ranks every day), the DIY rock industry, at least what I know of it, is over 20 years old - at least. One branch of these musicians are the DC punk rockers who built Dischord Records; people such as Ian MacKaye. This LA Weekly article from 2005 talks about how MacKaye & Amy Farina - The Evens -work, and talks about their music. Since DIY rock is older & well established, I check out articles on that movement/industry/scene/whatever-you-want-to-call-it to get ideas that might work for my own DIY film practices. So far ideas borrowed from DIY rock (ultra low budget self-reliant production, self-distribution, accessibility to audience members, collaboration with fellow filmmakers re: distribution & publicity & other important but not related to production work - community building basically, an interest in human rights & social service & justice and trying to work those interests into the art work & the presentation of the art work, low/affordable-to-many prices for the art work, generating ones own publicity/zines = blogs) have worked well for my filmmaking & distribution activities.

- Sujewa


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