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"The Punk Mariachi All-Stars" (Seznec Brothers & Shervin Boloorian) play sweet songs of D.I.Y. romantic comedy in Date Number One

As I go, for the six hundredth time, over certain scenes in Date Number One while preparing the final version & the DVDs of the movie, one thing that keeps me refreshed is the excellent bluegrass & rock music created by Cory & Yann Seznec (brothers from Maryland by way of France) and Shervin Boloorian (from DC by way of CA & UK & Iran); known, for the purpose of this movie, as "The Punk Mariachi All-Stars" (the band exists in the world of the movie, in our world they do not, thus quotes must always be used when writing their name in our world).

More "PMAS"/DNO music notes coming soon.

In the meantime, check out the The Seznec Brothers website, they've got some music there.

Also check out music by Cory's new band The Groanbox Boys (under Projects, here).

- Sujewa


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