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Review Criticism Overkill

Man, this whole thing/now gigantic & getting bigger conversation re: internet film criticism is something way beyond what I was expressing with my criticism of Cynthia Rockwell's review of Hannah Takes the Stairs. I looked for straight/close to traditional reviews of Hannah around the time of SXSW (couple of weeks ago?) did not find a single one, & then a couple of nights ago I saw that GreenCine Daily had linked to Rockwell's review, so I was excited to finally possibly get a chance to read a regular review of Hannah. When I got to Rockwell's blog I found out that The Guardian had also cited her review, so I was even more excited about reading it, 'cause I figured that if GCD & Guardian are referencing it, it might at least be adequate for my needs. But, a regular review was not what I found at Rockwell's site, actually, I don't consider her piece a movie review, but it is thoughts somewhat related to the movie. Anyway, after reading that whole post I was no closer to finding out what I was looking for re: Hannah then when I started. So I wrote a post expressing my frustration ('cause I've seen a couple of other instances recently where people say they are writing a movie review but the end product is far from it, in my opinion). Unfortunately for Rockwell, widely read film blogger Anthony Kaufman was thinking about the same subject & referenced my post re: Rockwell's post at the beginning of his post re: internet movie criticism, which came a day or so after my post. And now several blogs (find some links here) are having a conversation/argument about the topic, starting their pieces off with a reference to Kaufman's article; which opens with a reference to my frustration with Rockwell's review. So, this whole thing is kind of like one of those movies where small events are kind of accidentally related to some whacked out large event. Definitely did not intend Rockwell to receive as much negative criticism as she might feel that she is getting right now. My feelings regarding her Hannah review have not changed, but the amplification of my complaint caused by Kaufman's post was certainly not intended.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
I really wish you'd stop mentioning my review. I still think it was great, and I don't know why you have to keep pointing out that it wasn't.
The Sujewa said…
Nice try Anonymous, but I don't think you are Cynthia, so, the next time, your comments don't get in.

- Sujewa
Anonymous said…
It's wonderful that this debate exists. It's the whole point of making films, of creating a dialogue. Negative, positive--it's all good. We're talking. In that Joe Swanberg's done us all a service, as have you in pointing out the ideas you have. I appreciate it. Thanks.
The Sujewa said…
Hey ShortEnd,

Good thoughts.

And I am sure there will be more "dialogue creating" posts coming to this blog in the future.

Talk to you soon.

- Sujewa
Anonymous said…
these anonymous comments are so weird.
cynthia said…
thanks sujewa...and you really need some kind of troll-filter here... :)

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