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Saw Amir Motlagh's new short Knock.Knock :: review & interview coming up later this week

Just watched Amir Motlagh's new short film Knock.Knock. I liked it, need to watch it again & think about it, will have a review here later this week. The film stars a comedian (Chris Manz, MySpace) but is not a comedy, it is a light drama about a day, and more specifically a couple of encounters, in the life of a comedian with an internet show. That's all I'll say for now, read the review later this week for more on Knock.Knock.

Also, it's been a while since I interviewed Amir (read Feb '05 interview here), will try to talk to him about Knock.Knock & his feature-in-post-production Whale & his other feature-in-the-works Micro later this week.

Back to working on the DNO DVD for me. Talk to you later.

- Sujewa


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