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Update from "Angry Filmmaker" Kelley Baker: "May Dates! May Dates!"

From Kelley Baker:

"Hey Everybody,

It is May, I am home, and just because I am home doesn't mean I am not working...

Here is a list of my work shops and screenings for this month. If you are around please come out and see me.

May 9th - - Kicking Bird screening @ The Columbian Theater in Astoria, Oregon
May 10th - - Kicking Bird screening @ The Coaster Theater in Cannon Beach, Oregon
May 15th - - Guest Lecture @ Portland State University
May 15th - - Market & Self Distribution Workshop @ The Art Institute of Portland
May 18th - - Kicking Bird Screening @ 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle, WA
May 19th - - Sound Design Work shop @ 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle, WA
May 24th & 25th - - Workshops & screening @ Oregon State University

For more info on the Seattle events please go to

As usual I am booking work shops and screenings for the Fall US and Europe Tours starting now. So if you want me in your city, or your country, let me know. I promise I'll be lots of fun, and not like your gross Uncle that won't leave.

Don't forget to go to my web site and check out the New Projects link, and Buy My Stuff! The price of gas is obscene and I have to pay the bills somehow...

Take care and we'll talk later.



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