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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

On Tap magazine's got an article on Date Number One

Festwood & friends

Several '06 filmmaker/bloggers (Schnack, self, Hansen, Swanberg, etc.) having successes right about now - mid '07

Date Number One's MySpace page updated

Amir Motlagh's new album available through Amazon

Jim Jarmusch sighting

The Reeler writes about the Afro-Punk Festival

Is Herzog's Rescue Dawn racist? - discussion at The Reeler

Doc maker stars Esther Robinson & Doug Block talk with fiction maker/DIY distro star Lance Weiler

Blake "killing Down" Calhoun news

The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah DISTRIBUTION NEWS

The Film Panel Notetaker mentions the Date Number One 7/12-18 run

Independents Week at Harvard

Got a call from the Post re: DNO 7/12 - 18 run :: Mission: Washington update

LAist reviews What We Do Is Secret

Indie feature This Town available through blog in segments

SXSWestern Man: Matt Dentler interview

Final touches for 1 week DC area run: site getting that much needed overhaul this week, re: new DNO clips, Armory map link, etc.

Coming this week: Amir Motlagh interview, AJ Schnack interview, Water Flowing Together interview

New blogger discovery of the day: Ali Naderzad On Film

Long interview with the makers of The Devil Came On Horseback at Still in Motion blog

Washington Post article about my neighbor Mark's 35 year old band The Nighthawks

All Day Long review at The Chutry Experiment

Starting a whole new discussion about gender in America - Interview with Jennifer Fox, director & subject of Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman

From Jump Cut: The Aztlan Film Institute's Top 100 List

From Mediascape: Top 100 American Films By Women Directors

Project: Another grand movie list; 100 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AMERICAN INDEPENDENT FILMS 1959 - 2000

Big sale at McSweeney's; attempt to recoup losses from a distributor bankruptcy

The Singles Map

Kurt Cobain About A Son review

Photos: Amy King, Moose Lodge Action/SilverDocs Party People

SilverDocs notes at the Film Panel Notetaker blog

SilverDocs coverage in the works: interviews, reviews, photos, links list & more

SILVERDOCS documentary film festival 2007 AWARDS WINNERS

Please Vote For Me wins Sterling Feature Award at SilverDocs :: Cinematic Vision Feature Award goes to Kurt Cobain About A Son

Notes from Thursday 6/14 SilverDocs events at Still in Motion blog

The Pop View blog writes about Hip-Hop Revolution at SilverDocs

Caught world premiere of excellent Water Flowing Together, doc about dancer Jock Soto at SilverDocs

Silver Spring Penguin writes about some of the free movies at SilverDocs

Can one man make a difference? The Devil Came on Horseback, doc about the Darfur genocide at SilverDocs

My SilverDocs latest: got invitation to cover the fest more, will be checking out Water Flowing Together tonight

A lengthy post on the first 2 days at SilverDocs, by Pamela Cohn

Yeah, after reading this paragraph, I am going to have to go see Nancy Drew

My SilverDocs Night 1: Met Pamela Cohn, Matt Dentler, Brian Newman, Doug Block & others

New York Times article on Silver Spring, MD, home of SilverDocs

Book of Fugazi photos by Glen E. Friedman coming in September :: Fort Reno '07

"Online Movie Writer Dan Epstein, Dead at 31" - Cinematical

At Still in Motion blog: Interview with Micheal Azerrad & AJ Schnack re: Kurt Cobain About A Son

Spike Lee to make a film about African-American soldiers in WWII

Damn, About A Son sold out :( :: Filmmaker & MovieMaker mags (the print versions) are pretty cool due to...

David "GreenCine Daily" Hudson interview at The Rocchi Review

Monday various: did an interview with On Tap mag for the DNO run, gotta get tix for About A Son this Fri

Indie rockers, vintage porn aesthetics, & philosophy; City Paper article about a DC short film series

Washington City Paper article about Alex Pacheco's recently completed feature Praxis

Ignored the critics & went to see Paris Je T'Aime, movie was good

1 year after Jonathan Marlow wrote about the Maryland New Wave films, flicks & makers still rolling

Watermelon on MySpace

Owl And The Sparrow & several other Asian American & Asian International films at LAFF '07

Scott Kirsner's article on selling indie DVDs on line

4 Reasons Why Amazon Should Buy Netflix article

Feed Off

How I Assembled A Digital Editing Set Up For Under $1500