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1 year after Jonathan Marlow wrote about the Maryland New Wave films, flicks & makers still rolling

GreenCine's Jonathan Marlow wrote about real indie films about this time last year at this post and mentioned the Maryland New Wave films The Guatemalan Handshake, Cocaine Angel & Date Number One.

One year later, two of the three films are still being screened at various places in the US, which is a significant accomplishment for low/ultra-low/"no" budget movies that are being self-distributed on ultra-low/"no" budgets.

Go here to get info. on upcoming Handshake screenings & on screenings of Silver Jew, the next film by Angel's director.

Go here to get info. on upcoming Date screenings.

"Kids" from Maryland making it happen real indie style! And keeping it going over 12 months later.

- Sujewa


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