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Damn, About A Son sold out :( :: Filmmaker & MovieMaker mags (the print versions) are pretty cool due to...

Instead of trying to buy the tickets to this Fri's Silverdocs screening of Kurt Cobain: About A Son on-line, I took a stroll out to AFI Silver around 7-8 PM tonight & found out that the screening is sold out :( I may still come into possession of a couple of tickets by the time Friday rolls around, otherwise, will have to catch Son some other time.

So, after "the no-tix for Son" let down, to cheer myself up I went to the Borders near AFI Silver & checked out the latest issues of Filmmaker Magazine (Spring '07) & MovieMaker mag (Issue No. 68), bought both. I typically read material from both magazines on line, so it was kind of interesting to have the print versions in my hand. With Filmmaker mag, I know some of the writers from the on-line world, through interacting with their blogs & through some e-mails, so for me that mag is a little bit more exciting now than it was in the pre-blogs days. It was specially cool to see myself & this blog mentioned in one of the articles - an article about new indie film distribution realities by Anthony Kaufman (thanks Anthony, made my day). Anyway, check out the print version of both magazines (specially if you, like I, have not checked out the print versions of the publications in a while), good & useful articles there. MovieMaker has a good article by Dov S-S Simens re: making money from making movies. Both Filmmaker & MovieMaker issues that I picked up today should be at the bigger bookstores everywhere at this point.

- Sujewa


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