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Final touches for 1 week DC area run: site getting that much needed overhaul this week, re: new DNO clips, Armory map link, etc.

Been having some problems with the computer that I use to edit & publish my main site, getting it fixed now, so I should be able to update the site before this week is out.

I'll probably set up a back up site also - later this week.

The MAP link from the 7/12 - 18 run listing from Screenings page of the main site does not seem to work. Use the MAP link off the post above - from the one announcing the 7/12 - 18 run. Hopefully that one works, if not, will update later tonight.
UPDATE: Here's the MAP link.

Working on posting up some new clips from Date Number One, from the final version that will screen 7/12 - 18 in Kensington.

Also will be adding down-loadable stills for media, and director's notes, and other press & publicity friendly material.

Gearing up for the home run - 7/12 is just around the corner, lots more news coming soon.

- Sujewa


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