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Ignored the critics & went to see Paris Je T'Aime, movie was good

The handful of reviews I read of Paris Je T'Aime were not very enthusiastic about the movie, but, I was not feeling too well earlier tonight so it was time to take it easy with a movie, and the flick was playing near me at the Wheaton Plaza (or Westfield as it is known now, but it'll always be Wheaton Plaza to me) in Wheaton, MD, which is kind of shocking since the last time I checked the Wheaton Plaza theater carried like a dozen Hollywood mega-blockbuster type movies, I guess the demographic is changing. Anyway, saw Paris Je T'Aime, liked it, for the following reasons; the film was very well shot & had a great look, all but 2 segments (the mimes, the vampires) had the same look - colorful, nuanced, inviting, each of the stories were interesting though some failed at points to achieve the humorous or dramatic goals that they were shooting for (or so I thought), there were some unpredictable & surreal segments (the one with all the Asian ladies for example), good to great acting in all the segments. The flick had good music, although I did not care much for the extra mushiness that they tried to tag on at the end with a song, trying a little too hard there to evoke that "we are all in this thing together" feeling. All in all it was a strange and, more than half the time, a very enjoyable experience. For me part of the strangeness was watching a French movie at Wheaton Plaza!!! with the total attendance of like 9 other people on a Saturday evening/7 PM show with me being the youngest person in the theater, by at least 20-30 years. Get more info. on Paris Je T'Aime here.

- Sujewa


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