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Jim Jarmusch sighting

Check it out here at Found In Brooklyn blog.

- Sujewa


Lisanne McT said…
How did you EVER find me?!

Anyway...Good Luck with the movie. I heart Johnny Stabb, I saw Gov't Issue at a hardcore matinee in their prime...he always had mad style...i think he was wearing paisley shirts in the age of the skinhead..keep me posted if it ever plays NYC!
The Sujewa said…
Hey Lisanne,

I read every single blog out there, that's how I found yours. Every. Single. Blog.


Yeah, I am gonna try to bring DNO back to NYC this fall (or ASAP if not fall) - it played at the Pioneer Theater for one night last August - this time we will be back for a week or more.

In the meantime, the DVD will be available for purchase this month, will announce all the info. re: that on this blog. I am pretty sure it will be available to buy before 7/12.

Yeah, i saw some pics of Mr.Stabb in paisley shirts at HarDCore shows, in Banned In DC.

Oh Tay, later on. Say hello to Mr. Jim Jarmusch for me next time. Big fan of his movies - specially Stranger to Night On Earth.

- Sujewa

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