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Latest from Kensington: new housemates, Knocked Up, stomach troubles, Woody Allen book, g-friend b-day, re-edited DNO Story 2

* Saw Knocked Up last night, good stuff, certainly one way to go with the "keeping an unexpected pregnancy" story line in a comedy, there can definitely be other takes on the subject, the audience at Silver Spring's Majestic theater dug it. Made me think about changes I can make to DNO to play to that audience/type of venue (big suburban movie theater), which leads to the final item in this post, but before that;
(oh, spent most of the movie thinking about a recent-ex, very sad :( good thing i was watching a comedy)

* New housemates - for the month of June & beyond we had 3 rooms open in the shared house that I live in, got 3 new housemates, one is an Iraq war veteran (lots of sad first hand accounts about the war, dude says it is a mistake for the US to be there now & was a mistake to go in the first place), lots of stuff happening at the house. Should be interesting.

* Stomach ache - had me knocked out pretty much all day yesterday, I think it was the Ethiopian food from Fri night. Hope the troubles are over.

* It's The Girlfriend's birthday celebration weekend. Fri went well, couldn't do much yesterday, a family dinner tonight, good stuff.

* While being bugged by the stomach ache yesterday, read a biography of Woody Allen, very inspirational stuff. Some stuff I learned: dude is very productive, though he works with Hollywood for distribution he is very independent when it comes to production. starts making a new film the day after making the previous one is done. Certainly is in a category all by himself when it comes to the independent/Hollywood discussion. Although I've seen Manhattan & Annie Hall I have not seen some of the other interesting sounding Allen titles such as Radio Days, so, will have to catch up on that. Saw Crimes & Misdemeanors (OK) & Hannah and Her Sisters (liked it a lot) recently. For the most part, Allen's movies have some scenes or characters or bits of dialogue I like & enjoy, even if the movie as a whole may not work for me. I've given him a pass on not having minority characters in most of his movies because he's had a very unique career with a very interesting body of work for an American filmmaker who makes mainstream accessible features (kind of like Jim Jarmusch in that sense, but a lot more famous) & his more recent films do seem to have slightly more ethnic diversity (or at least one of them did, I forget the title, but the flick about a woman, story told twice, once as a comedy & once as a tragedy, had a black male character in a lead role). Will be watching more Woody Allen movies & reading more about them.

* Date Number One re-edit; last night, after watching Knocked Up got home & made some major changes to Story 2, took out the scenes that had exposure problems, now that story & the whole movie is about 3 minutes shorter. The tone of Story 2 changes a little with the two scenes gone; plays more like a mystery now, with darker undertones, but still a lot of fun to watch. Should have made that change months ago, but sometimes it takes a long time to do what you know needs to be done. And that's cool.

:: Date Number One DVDs coming this month. One week run in Kensington next month - July 12 - 18.

- Sujewa


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