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Long interview with the makers of The Devil Came On Horseback at Still in Motion blog

Check it out here.

The Devil Came On Horseback is about the genocide in Darfur. The documentary is directed by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern.

Here is an exchange from the interview conducted by Pamela Cohn:

" SIM: Do you think a film like this can change things?

It’s going to happen more and more with other documentaries, but I think something like An Inconvenient Truth broke the mold in a lot of ways in terms of making direct impacts on people’s perception of an issue and has directly resulted in putting the issue of global warming on the map. It engaged viewers at the house parties where it was shown, it changed behavior--the Prius is now the top-selling car. With our film, I feel we're using the same kind of power of “shaming.” The power of photographs and the power of documentary to compel action, that’s vital. One, it can inspire viewers to actually take on an active role in an issue, but it’s also part of the public shaming that apparently needs to happen before people wake up. An example is the China-Darfur connection: there were these photographs that were released by a Security Council member that showed how Chinese-donated aircraft carriers were being painted white, the UN insignia was then painted on the side of them and they were loaded with arms which were then shipped to Darfur. As soon as those photographs became public, Bashir relented to Stage 2 of the U.N. military operations to support 21,000 ground troops there. I think there’s a power to the visual medium that can actually have tangible impact."

Read the rest of the excellent interview here.

- Sujewa


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