Thursday, June 14, 2007

My SilverDocs latest: got invitation to cover the fest more, will be checking out Water Flowing Together tonight

Kids, don't let yer peers tell you that blogging doesn't pay off, 'cause it does, case in point: I applied for a press badge for SilverDocs & got it because SilverDocs PR likes my blog. So, what this means is I will get the chance to check out a lot of movies, interview a lot of filmmakers & write a lot about the fest this weekend.

Off to go get ready for this new project. Will be catching a movie called Water Flowing Together, about a dancer named Jock Soto, later tonight.

Talk to you soon re: a bunch of SilverDocs goodies.

- Sujewa


silver spring penguin said...

Score one for the blogger!

Congrats on the AFI SilverDocs press pass. As a blogger, I was not as fortunate.

I hope to read your impressions of the event soon.

The Sujewa said...

hey ss penguin,

do not worry too much my fellow local blogger, there is muchof interest in this world to write about outside of SilverDocs & there is always next year re: the whole getting a press pass thing (like 12 months to work on that project).

also, i'll link to yer AFI free stuff coverage later today.

much S-docs coverage coming to this blog starting later today.

- sujewa



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