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My SilverDocs Night 1: Met Pamela Cohn, Matt Dentler, Brian Newman, Doug Block & others

(next time i need to smile:), L-R: me/Sujewa Ekanayake, Matt Dentler, Brian Newman

Brian, Matt, Pamela Cohn
Doc producer & blogger Pamela Cohn & I met up at the AFI Silver theater - SilverDocs central -& then, after the freaky rain ended (and I met a writer for DCist - useful for upcoming DNO run promo i think), went for dinner at Silver Spring's Bombay Gaylord restaurant. Good Indian food, good conversation - Pamela's got a couple of interesting projects, a great blog & an upcoming Sundance producers conference type thing going on. Later we went down to the fest's Cinema Lounge to hang out. Met SXSW film fest producer & blogger Matt Dentler, Renew Media's executive director & blogger Brian Newman, filmmaker & blogger Doug "51 Birch Street" Block (for like a minute, Doug was on his way out), & DC filmmaker (& a judge for the fest) Brian Liu & a few more people there. Pamela, Matt, Brian Newman & Doug I had not met in person before, only through e-mails & comments on blogs, so the live meetings were fun. Matt & Brian Newman had some tips on distribution, festivals & career building. Looking forward to checking out some movies this weekend, so far this fest is cool. I am going to see if I can meet some filmmakers in the coming days & get some info. on their projects. Also looking forward to meeting & hanging with other bloggers. I may, after all, be able to check out Kurt Cobain About A Son on Fri night - the tix situation may be resolved favorably tomorrow, and that would be sweet. More from SilverDocs coming tomorrow & rest of the week - stay tuned.
- Sujewa


Doug said…
Sorry, Sujewa. We just keep missing each other, and now I have to go back to NYC this morning for a shoot. Bummer... but nice to confirm we actually exist. As always, virtually yours...
The Sujewa said…
Hey Doug,

No problem, when we retire from the indie film/film game in like 75 years, we'll hang out & chat :)

Have fun on the road, talk to you later on.

- Sujewa

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