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Re: "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop posting this info on the indiewire blogsite!"

Anonymous commenters, unless they are saying something positive, are generally a waste of time and are deleted or otherwise ignored but I just received this comment, worth replying to, on my post announcing the Date Number One 7/12-18 run in Kensington:

" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop posting this info on the indiewire blogsite!Anyone and everyone already knows about this from your daily postings. In addition, there's no reason for you to constantly hog the indiewire blogs with all of your rantings/ravings/"memories" concerning your little movie. Indiewire isn't just a promo site for your movie - it's suppoed to give information and news about indie filmmaking. If you want to advertise, then buy an ad like all of us other indie filmmakers.BTW...I don't think you're dvd will EVER come've supposedly been working on it for 8 months! Good luck to you anyway.
- Anonymous"

And here's my reply:

1. indieWIRE selects blogs that they like to carry on their site's Blogs We Love section, and, I assume that when they no longer like a blog they will drop it. My blog is not an indieWIRE hosted or edited blog, but an independent blog that they point to by including a part of my posts on their Blogs We Love section & blogs page & their daily e-mail.

2. I do not control what gets posted to iW's blogs site. I just publish my blog with stuff that is important to me on it, and that, at the moment, is DNO stuff.

3. In addition to DNO stuff, I include posts about other films & filmmakers on a regular basis at my blog.

- Sujewa


David Lowery said…
For people who do read your blog via RSS feeds, though, like the one that I assume Indiewire uses to parse your feed, it can get pretty annoying to see the same post(s) over and over again. Also, when you keep bringing the old posts to the top, it prevents people from seeing the other new things you put at the bottom. Since the main focus right now seems to be the upcoming one-week run, why don't you just make a big blogad that could run on the sidebar? That way it'd stay at the top, be more immediately recognizable as an advertisement and keep the blog itself fresh for people visit it for: new content.
The Sujewa said…
Hey David,

Good tips.

I set the site feed options from FULL to NONE, perhaps this will keep my posts from appearing on iW or anywhere else, peeps who want to read the blog & updates will have to visit the blog from now on, if this site feed adjustment works as I think it does.

Maybe it is possible to turn the feed on for certain posts & not others. Will have to look into that.

Placing the 7/12 - 18 run info up as an ad may still be a good & useful idea.

- Sujewa

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