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SilverDocs coverage in the works: interviews, reviews, photos, links list & more

mysterious filmmaker at 4 pm, 6/16/07 sat
photo copyright sujewa ekanayake 2007

I will be finishing up & posting a bunch more SilverDocs related posts in the coming week. Here is a brief look at the upcoming goodies:

- Interview with AJ Schnack, director of Kurt Cobain About A Son - both an extremely specific and wildly creative/arty work, one of the most memorable documentaries I've seen due to its unusual approach to creating a portrait of an individual and due to its awesome cinematography.
I talked with AJ for about an hour on Saturday, a juicy interview is being transcribed at the moment.

- Interview with the director & subject of Water Flowing Together. I've talked a bit about this movie in previous posts. Another long & interesting interview about a unique & beautiful movie about the renowned dancer Jock Soto.

- Photos, photos, photos. I am going through about 60 photos that I took at SilverDocs, will start posting them up in a couple of hours.

- Reviews; a couple are coming up this week, of flicks I caught at SilverDocs.

- Links list - after Agnes Varnum, AJ Schnack, Matt Dentler, Pamela Cohn & others post up a lot of their SilverDocs related stuff in the coming days, I would like to create an epic list of SilverDocs '07 blog coverage links.

- also need to add the special mentions to the award winners list.

- and whatever else I think up of, SilverDocs related.

OK, see ya here all week long for more SilverDocs goodies!

& Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers in the indiefilmblogland! :)

- Sujewa


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