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SILVERDOCS documentary film festival 2007 AWARDS WINNERS

a moment from the awards ceremony on sat 6/16/07
photo copyright 2007 sujewa ekanayake

Awards descriptions and descriptions of films are from the SilverDocs website.

Listed in order awards were presented at the awards ceremony on Saturday 6/16/07.


"For the second year, SILVERDOCS is joining forces with ACE (Animal Content in Entertainment), to offer a feature documentary grant of $10,000 for projects in development that highlight animal issues."

WINNER: The Concrete Jungle
Directors: Don Bernier, Rachel Buchanan


"Presented to a film of exceptional promise in the marketplace. The award includes passes to the American Film Market (October 31 to November 7, 2007), airfare, five nights hotel and pre-arranged meetings with potential partners (a $5,000 value)."


"Epic journey through 45 states, 21,000 miles, and dozens of truck stops, culminating in an exhilarating look into the soul of the American truck driver."

Director: Doug Pray


"Presented by Discovery HD Theater will be given to a feature and a short film that exhibit excellence and innovation in visual storytelling ($2,500 each)."

Cinematic Vision Short Award


"Music is integral in Katja's life, evoking experiences and emotion. Young Catherine is also grappling with enhanced senses in her blind world, and with her mother discovers the joy in sound and touch."

Director: Erlend Mo
Cinematic Vision Feature Award

WINNER: Kurt Cobain About A Son

"Through unprecedented access to over 24 hours of conversation Azerrad audio-recorded during the year just before Cobain’s suicide, filmmaker Schnack liberates Cobain from his rigid celebrity persona, and reveals—through Cobain’s own words—the complex man behind the myth."

Director: AJ Schnack


"In honor of Joey Lozano will be given to a theatrical documentary about human rights violations or social justice issues ($5,000)."

WINNER: The Devil Came On Horseback

"Can one man make a difference? Former US Marine Captain Brian Steidle hopes so. When he first signs on as an unarmed military observer for the African Union, he is largely motivated by money. Yet, his intentions change dramatically when he makes a life-altering decision to transfer to the strife-ridden Western Sudanese region of Darfur. Armed with nothing more than a still camera, he becomes a singular outside witness to what many call a genocide—a conflict that has displaced 2.5 million people and claimed 400,000 lives."

Directors: Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg


"Presented by Pump Audio, recognizes the documentary that best captures the complex artistry, enthusiasm, imagination and inspiration of musicians. The award winner will receive $2,500."

WINNER: Nomadak TX

"Jubilant film about two musicians who journey to some of the most remote regions of the world, using the traditional Basque musical instrument, the txalaparta, as a medium for cross-cultural exchange and understanding"

Director: Raúl De la Fuente


"Awarded to a feature documentary that shows excellence in telling complex issues in faith and society."

WINNER: Audience of One

"...Gazowsky and his film crew/congregation soon learn that even divine inspiration is not enough to overcome an increasingly mounting budget, overbearing extras, and technical snafus. Filmmaker Michael Jacobs presents a rollicking journey through the unlikely union of two religions—Christianity and filmmaking—and presents a subject who is not merely inspired, but inspiring in his refusal to give up."

Director: Michael Jacobs


"The SILVERDOCS Shorts Jury gives the Sterling Short Film Award to the documentary that tells a concise story in the most eloquent and powerful way. The winning filmmaker receives a $5,000 cash prize."

WINNER: Lot 63, Grave C

"Altamont Free Concert, 1969. Meredith Hunter is killed at this infamous event; his death becomes an icon for the end of the Summer of Love. Now, he lies forgotten, buried in an unmarked and unvisited grave."

Director: Sam Green


"The SILVERDOCS Jury, comprised of a distinguished group of documentary film professionals, presents the SILVERDOCS Sterling Award to the most exceptional feature-length documentary screening in competition. The award winner will receive over $25,000 cash and in-kind, including $5,000 in film product from Kodak."

WINNER: Please Vote For Me

"What does democracy look like in the world’s largest Communist country? Start small, very small. This impossibly charming film features a third grade class in Wahun province and the intense politicking in the race to become Class Monitor."

Director: Weijun Chen


UPDATE: Audience Awards from Sunday 6/17/07 (I was not able to attend the ceremony, info. courtesy of Pamela Cohn):


"Imran quit being a Manhattan ad man to run the family Halal slaughterhouse in Queens. His faith and patience are tested during Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice."

Director: Yoni Brook



"Unemployed Israeli filmmaker Shahar Cohen attends a reunion with his father, a World War II veteran from an all-Jewish brigade, who casually reveals a secret: while stationed in the Netherlands after the war many Jewish soldiers paired up with young Dutch women. These fleeting unions often left behind “souvenirs”—in the form of war babies."

Directors: Shahar Cohen & Halil Efrat

To see the list of winners, including honorable mentions, at the SilverDocs website - go here.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Every filmmaker who participated in the festival should be proud of that accomplishment.

Thanks to everyone who made the 2007 version of SilverDocs possible, it was a lovely experience.

- Sujewa


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