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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

I highly encourage all minority & diversity friendly filmmakers (& fans) to start blogging :: leave the URL to your blog in comments

Redacted entry at GreenCine Daily

New blog name for the new mission

Most likely the multi-ethnic art/indie film movement will have to be at first heavily DIY & "underground"

Round Table: Indie Producers article at the Hollywood Reporter

Let's put together a new indie film movement of DIY/ultra low budget filmmakers EXCEPT with films featuring minority & multi-ethnic casts & directors

As Tom Hall points out, outside of the Generation DIY series, there are a couple of Mumblecore movies with significant minority presence

Positive review of QUIET CITY in New York Times

Dance Party USA review link :: link to interview with director Aaron Katz :: film today at IFC Center

This is the Swanberg quote (from '06) that got me thinking critically about Mumblecore and minorities

Kamp Katrina now playing at Pioneer Theater in NYC :: Trailer

African American film distribution project The Momentum Experience

Quiet City STARTS TOMORROW Wed 8/29 at IFC Center, NYC :: Trailer :: Reviews & Interview Links ::: DPUSA also playing 8/28 & 8/29!

indieWIRE asked 75 film community insiders about diversifying American cinema

OK, retirement over, back blogging due to "popular" demand :: Jonas Mekas interview @ Sense of Cinema

blogging dayz are over - off to make a bunch of movies with minority leads/multi-ethnic casts

4 photos from NYC, Blogger Meet Up (rest coming later on Mon)

"Dreamlike in style, Police Beat is also a real-world vision of what American indies could be..."

America's minority population at over 100 million, yet the grass roots film movement Mumblecore do not seem to have any dark skinned friends

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers are now blogging

Impressions of Gen DIY event & blogger meet up at Still In Motion blog :: Also, what I did at the Meet Up

Saw Delirious

All Mumbled Out

Notes from Apple Store SoHo Generation DIY/Mumblecore panel discussion

Notes from Hannah premiere Q & A

Ace Film Festival in NYC 8/24 - 26

iW Blogger/indie film blogger NYC meet up # 1 was a huge success

Hannah is good :: A whole bunch of indie film kids are in NYC tonight :: Pioneer Theater was digging Gen DIY a year ago

They may not have a lot of Color at the moment, but, the methods of the Mumblecore filmmakers are relevant to up and coming minority filmmakers

Final reminder: iW bloggers/indie film bloggers meet up Thu 8/23, 9 PM @ Botanica

Mumblecore blog-a-thon warning

Trailers & clips for all the Gen DIY/Mumblecore films playing at IFC Center NYC 8/22 - 9/4/07

She Is My Sister reviewed at In The Picture blog

Date Number One distribution project status - quick overview

James Spooner's White Lies, Black Sheep to play at TIFF

Dogme #10 - CHETZEMOKA'S CURSE - A Rick Schmidt Production from 2000

Review of Jame Fotopoulos's Back Against the Wall at Village Voice

Hey indie filmmakers, put a trailer or a clip from your films on YouTube or MySpaceTV so that I may embed it here

Greg Pak's Robot Stories reviewed by Matt Zoller Seitz

See ya in NYC next week! (film blogger meet up, Apple Store SoHo event, and I think there's some movie that Matt Dentler likes @ IFC Center)

Hmmm, I don't think Mumblecore filmmakers are to film what the Beats were to literature

A Ghost

Website for Indian indie filmmaker Satyajit Ray

Mmmm Julie Delphy - 2 DAYS IN PARIS trailer

Jumping Off Bridges trailer

Multichannel News article gives gross revenue figures for 15 IFC First Take films

IFC is happy with First Take. Are such initiatives the revenue & awareness generating future for real indie filmmakers?

Article at Renew Media: "Self-distribution - when is it the right choice?"

Ghosts of the Heartland playing Wed 8/22, 9 PM, New Filmmakers @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC

Yahoo! Finance link for Movie Production, Theaters page

Tom "Delirious" DiCillo is blogging

Grace Lee's American Zombie

Delirious trailer

Stranger Than Hollywood blog updated

Jericho's Echo trailer

Silver Jew trailer

Afro-Punk trailer

Trailer for the highly acclaimed doc 51 Birch Street :: DVD out on 8/14

Jack Kerouac reading from On The Road - a YouTube clip

iW Bloggers NYC meet up Thu 8/23, starting 9 PM @ Botanica

Jonas Mekas interview at Time Out New York

Website for Water Flowing Together

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip