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8/15/07: Date Number One DVDs available for purchase

Happy August everyone! At long last DVDs of my '06 completed movie Date Number One will be available for sale by Wednesday August 15, 2007 - in a mere 14 days or less. I want to keep showing the film theatrically for months to come so initially the DVD will be available from a few places on the web & a few retail stores in the non-web world. Some people have been hearing about this movie for well over a year now, so for those people, the time to see the movie on DVD is very near.

Will have details on extras, packaging, music, regions, etc. in the coming days.

Cost: $12, US postage paid by yours truly/Wild Diner Films. Customers from other countries please add $2.

To order the DVD:

Send a check or money order for $12 (for US based customers) or $14 (for customers from other countries), made out to Sujewa Ekanayake to:

Wild Diner Films
10408 Montgomery Ave.
Kensington, MD 20895

If you have any questions re: a DVD order e-mail me at: Or call me at 240-354-3394.

We will soon have Pay Pal & credit card options for purchasing the DVD, will post the info./links here and at the Wild Diner Films website when those options are ready to go.

For anyone who is new to this blog & have not heard much about Date Number One, check out the review links on top of the page or visit this page for a description of the film & some review quotes.


- Sujewa


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