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blogging dayz are over - off to make a bunch of movies with minority leads/multi-ethnic casts

hey, if i am very bothered by the heavy lack of minority presence in current indie films (see post a couple of posts below), maybe i should see this thing as an opportunity & go make some good features with minority leads/multi-ethnic casts.

so, i am retiring from blogging right now.

i believe a lot of good things were accomplished during my blogging "career"; providing assistance with the popularization of DIY filmmaking & self-distribution, promoting some interesting movies, building networks/getting to know other filmmakers & bloggers, etc. very cool.

in the future this blog/space will only be used to announce screenings of my films or their DVD & other availability.

look for Date Number One on DVD announcement (before 9/15) & DNO screening announcements here soon.

then, w/ in the next 3 months (before 11/27), i will be releasing my new feature Stranger Than Hollywood.

both films will have minority actors in lead roles as well as multi-ethnic casts.

after that i plan on releasing a no-budget/ultra-low budget feature every 3 months or sooner.

thanks for reading, see ya around.

- sujewa


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