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Brooklyn Young Filmmakers are now blogging

The non-profit organization Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center have a blog up & running. Here is an interesting portion from one of the recent entries:

" This is my first blog entry, ever. But I’ve been reading everywhere about the potential power of blogs. The goal of Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center’s blog is to test out the “THE POWER OF US” (see the BYFC News, Winter 2007). We are a non-profit run by volunteers of diverse ages, mostly women of color. We are working to open up a Career Guidance & Networking Center for jobs in film that will serve both adults and teens. This blog will help us get out information about film careers and film literacy to working-class people – and we hope it will help us raise support to open our center.

Me, I’m a middle-age, working-class black woman. I have no health plan or savings. I have very irregular income based on freelancing jobs and teaching. I’m a renter hanging by fingertips in rapidly gentrifying Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I came to New York to study filmmaking after a first career in California in social work (rape and family violence). While scrambling for survival work, I took all kinds of filmmaking and acting courses, here and there, and got firsthand experience as a PA on low budget productions. I made two uneven short films years ago. And I have scripts I have written sitting in a stack on my shelf. Pretty impressive, huh?

Well, I’m also founder/director of Brooklyn Young Filmmakers. I’m a systems thinker and a dreamer, and a pretty damn good teacher and writer. And for some years, through the educational activities of BYFC, I’ve been talking to and studying filmmakers on all levels, from junior high school level to union level."

Read the rest of that entry here.

And here's the website for Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center.

And here's their Mission (from the website, Mission tab from About Us section):


Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. The ‘young' means young to the art and business of narrative feature filmmaking. Our mission is to promote literacy, leadership, social skills, intergenerational exchange, and job training and placement through film studies, the teaching of filmmaking, and networking with industry professionals.

BYFC is a neighborhood-based project with a primary focus on residents of Fort Greene public housing and other Brooklyn residents who are underrepresented in the New York film industry, though most BYFC events are open to all New York City residents.

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers larger goal is to open a Career Guidance & Networking Center for Jobs in Film that will serve both adults and teens. The center will provide information on all the diverse careers in film and how to get started in film careers through internships, as well as promote film literacy and networking opportunities."

Maybe some of my indie filmmaker peers in NYC might want to think about possibly working with some of the talent at BYFC on their next feature. Might be a very cool/community service type thing to do.

- Sujewa


BklynTAG said…

Thanks for giving blessings to our new blog. Please let me know how you came to hear about it in DC. Success to your efforts as well. Peace & future,
Brooklyn Young Filmmakers
The Sujewa said…
Hi Trayce,

I heard about the blog through a google alerts thing that i have set up for low budget filmmaking or some filmmaking item (i have several google alerts set up -let's me know when certain words appear on the web).

Perhaps I'll come & visit BYFC the next time I am in NYC.

Until next time,


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