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Hey indie filmmakers, put a trailer or a clip from your films on YouTube or MySpaceTV so that I may embed it here

I've found that it is very easy to embed a YouTube or MySpaceTV clip on this blog, so, since I am always on the lookout for short cuts when it comes to blogging, having a trailer or a clip of yer real indie film on one of those places will make it easier for me to mention it here/provide a tiny bit of press for yer project. E-mail me with yer clips & trailers links ( or post the links/URLs below in comments and I might promote them here when I get around to it. Thanks!

- Sujewa
* and i should take my own advise & cut & post a Date Number One trailer, adding that item to the 2 do list now


Rod Shuffler said…
I'm always happy to indulge in a bit of Crooked Features promotion- here's y links, love em of hate em!

Trailer (beware bad language)

A couple of clips

And a deleted scene

Anonymous said…
here's the link, sujewa. for our independent movie, A STUPID MOVIE FOR JERKS, premiering in september:

-jason and mike

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