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I highly encourage all minority & diversity friendly filmmakers (& fans) to start blogging :: leave the URL to your blog in comments

One of the ways that publicity & interest is built in the indie/real indie film world right now is through blogs. So, if you are a minority or other filmmaker who wants some press from this blog, include the URL to your blog when you e-mail me or leave me a comment re: your blog.
Document your production & distribution story for each film on your blog. Also write about other things that you care about at your blog; this will be a good way to build a fan base & also contacts that may be useful to you in your film production & distribution work. We definitely need to create a multi-ethnic indie film blog network; as the current indie film bloggers (that I know of) are mostly "white" and that can, through no ill-will or malice, can end up with just a lot of "white" filmmakers or films featuring all-"white" casts being hyped (as it has been the case for the last few years). Some of my favorite filmmakers are "white" & some of my favorite films have all-"white"casts, but, I of course would like to see indie film become a part of ALL of America, not just the majority. So start blogging RIGHT NOW diversity friendly filmmakers of all shapes & colors.

Starting a blog is easy;you can do it from Blogger as I have (click on the Blogger logo on top & follow directions) or you can blog at MySpace or at many other places that offer free blogs.

If you can read a blog, then you can create a blog.

Leave the URL & an intro to your blog in the comments, will link to it if I dig it, when I have time.


- Sujewa


I remember reading this blog when I was falling in love with the DIY movement during its 2 week run at the IFC Theatre in NYC last August. Very challenging call to DIY filmmakers of diverse backgrounds! Until Barry Jenkin's film "Medicine for Melancholy" (who you entertainingly interviewed on your blog recently), there was no real minority representation in this movement. Those days are fortunately coming to an end. Check out our upcoming film at:

The Sujewa said…
Hey Cookies & Cream,

There's always been minority DIY filmmakers, just no inclusions in the IFC's Generation DIY series back in '07. Some minority filmmakers who were active before & during mumblecore: Greg Pak, Gene Cajayon (sp?), director of Charlotte Sometimes, Jon Mortisugu, James Spooner, myself - just to name a few.

And it is good to see more minority filmmakers getting involved in indie/DIY filmmaking & distribution.

- Sujewa

I stand corrected. I should have specified that I was referring to films that have been featured at that IFC program, as well as wide-spread festival reception such as SXSW, etc. Thanks again for this important post!

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