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iW Bloggers NYC meet up Thu 8/23, starting 9 PM @ Botanica

Looks like we finally have an appropriate bar for this most special of bloggers meet ups (thanks to Brian "The Film Panel Notetaker" Geldin & Amy Peters for the research). The info. is below, all bloggers who post at indieWIRE blogs page are invited to come & meet other iW bloggers (i think it might be fun) & hang out. Other NYC based (or in town that night) indie film/film bloggers are also invited. See ya there! Send me an e-mail ( if there is a question & or concern about the event:

iW Bloggers Meet Up #1/2007 NYC

Thu 8/23, starting at 9 PM, at:

47 E. Houston St., New York, NY 10012
nr. Mulberry St.

Botanica said that there will be a DJ in the front area that night, but the back should be fine for conversatin' & drinkin', also that there is a back room that would be good for the meet up (will try to get there early & snag that, it is not reservable). So, when you get to Botanica, even if the front is crowded & full of music, make your way to the back & find the bloggers!

And, for further study, here is a slightly abbreviated version of "venue scout" Amy Peters's casual description of the bar (thanks Amy!):

Re: Botanica: "This place definitely fits all the requirements: it's near the apple store (4-5 blocks away), it has cheap drinks ($3 for some beers/drinks in SOHO!), has a lot of space with diverse seating (I like that they have a back room with couches)...the lighting is good, they often get cool DJs (depending on the night), and their AC works!"

See ya there! Swing by after the iW moderated Generation DIY event at Apple Store SoHo that night.

8/11/07 Update: There will be SWAG: I have several (over a dozen) DVDs that I received for possible review purposes but have not watched due to lack of time, will bring them to the meet up in case any of the bloggers who show up want them; a gift that might also be good for the peeps who made the movies - they might get a review out of it. Some of these films are very good I think - bunch of 'em I received at SilverDocs '07.

Other bloggers, feel free to do the same; if you've got some good review DVDs that you won't watch for whatever reason/or already watched & are pretty much done with, bring 'em to the meet up, maybe some other blogger wants to watch the flicks.

I might also come up with other goodies to give to bloggers who show up to this event - very likely.

- Sujewa


Katrin said…
Hey, Katrin from here. I'm sorry to have to read that I missed out on such an historic evening! I'm so swamped with work (both blog and day job) that I decided to bag off the talk @ Apple and didn't even know about the meetup at Botanica 'til now. I know I am new to the game, but it would have been great to meet up with you and yours and get some well-needed advice. Hope the talk and drinks were worth your trip up, and I hope I can make the next shindig.


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