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iW bloggers/film bloggers & friends informal gathering event planning in progress - Thu 8/23 night is event date

iW's Eugene H. got in touch today about the post I made several days ago re: doing a live meeting of some or most of the bloggers who post at iW's blogs page (and other film/indie film bloggers in NYC who are interested in meeting up, and friends, of course - a group hangout event built around at least a few of the iW bloggers core is basically the plan).

Here's the latest re: the event:

Date - Thursday, August 23 (let us know if this is a good day iW bloggers)

Time of Day: night, exact start time to be determined - 9 PM?

Place: tbd, Eug. suggests a bar, & the event to begin after the Apple Store SoHo event re: Generation DIY screening series happening that night. Suggest some possible bars iW bloggers - I guess a place close to Apple Store SoHo would be good.

More info. coming soon, obviously

Looking forward to meeting up w/ some iW bloggers & friends. And of course hanging out in the "recently liberated for indie, DIY, & amature filmmaking & tourist photography :)" city of New York.

Leave a comment re: these plans iW bloggers, if u r interested in this event - thanks!

Notes to filmmakers, distributors & other interested folks - this event might be a chance to meet some of your favorite indie film bloggers in a casual setting. I am sure at least a couple of these people can be talked or bribed into writing repeatedly, endlessly about your project (specially if it is awesome) for months to come :)

- Sujewa


BNewmanSBoard said…
I'll be out of town, but let me know if it changes
Aavarnum said…
Fine by me, though like recalling actors names, I'm awful at thinking up bars by location. I'll put my thinking cap on but if anyone else has a bright idea, go with it.
Pamela said…
Definitely interested and planning on attending the mumblecore group's talk at the Apple Store. Keep me posted on where you'll be meeting.

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