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Kamp Katrina now playing at Pioneer Theater in NYC :: Trailer

From Kamp Katrina review at New York Times:

"Mr. Cross and Ms. Pearl kept the camp open despite not-in-my-backyard complaints from neighbors and attempts by Mayor C. Ray Nagin to shut it down. Their blunt-spoken decency is inspiring. So is the movie’s portrait of New Orleans after the flood, a debris-strewn ghost town where human kindness is overflowing."

From Pioneer's site:

"screening to coincide with the two year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

"Riveting . . . It's hard to overstate the impact of KAMP KATRINA's honesty; fresh off their acclaimed venture MARDI GRAS: MADE IN CHINA, the filmmakers' six-month survey arguably captured the city's wounded spirit more frankly than any of its contemporaries. The result is a disturbing yet essential record."- S.T. VanAirsdale, THE REELER

"You settle in with these people and become immersed in the chaos, brutality and surreal humor of their situation, seen close-up and often in fragments. This isn't the heartening experience of [Jonathan] Demme's film, nor is it a comprehensive picture like [Spike] Lee's - but it seems appropriate enough to a war of attrition."- Stuart Klawans, THE NATION

"Fascinating . . . Achieve[s] potent dramatic and emotional impact...Artful, beautiful visual flourishes."- Joe Leydon, VARIETY"Transfixing . . . haunting and colorful."- AUSTIN CHRONICLE

* South by Southwest * Magnolia Film Festival * IFF Boston *

from the directors of MARDI GRAS: MADE IN CHINA

KAMP KATRINA follows New Orleans native Ms. Pearl, who spontaneously converts her backyard into a tent-village for 14 displaced people for six months in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of her beloved city. Ms. Pearl explodes off the screen, one of those flamboyantly larger-than-life personalities who, were this a fictional film, would seem too outrageous to be real. KAMP KATRINA delivers a sometimes-shattering verite exploration of the very personal daily struggles imposed by this national tragedy on a small group of troubled survivors." "

Go here for Pioneer's page for the film, tickets.

- Sujewa


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