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Most likely the multi-ethnic art/indie film movement will have to be at first heavily DIY & "underground"

As the current indie fest (mainstream fests, not ethnic focused fests)/indie film press/indie theatrical distribution & indie DVD distribution scene is heavily in favor of all-"white" art/indie films, the multi-ethnic art/indie film movement (see couple of posts below for the intro to that) will most likely have to be at first a heavily D.I.Y./"underground" scene with DIY screenings (screenings produced by the filmmakers themselves) & DVD sales/distribution - self-distribution being the main methods of getting the films to the interested audiences, and the press will have to come from our own (filmmakers & fans) blogs & websites & other self-promotional efforts (plus random mainstream indie or general mainstream press that we might luck out with for a film/DVD or a screening here and there) until there are a significant number of films & sales/customers for this movement at which point I am sure the mainstream indie players will take notice & will want to get in on the act.

- Sujewa


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