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Movie MUSICIAN sounds interesting

I am still on my "blog vacation" meaning I am only going to blog when I run across some really interesting thing that I feel like sharing. This movie, Musician, playing early September at Pioneer Theater in NYC, sounds interesting. Here is the description of the film from Pioneer's page:

"Common sense says you can't make a living in America playing atonal improvisational jazz. But Ken Vandermark does it anyway.

Among musicians, Vandermark's work ethic is almost mythic: the Chicago reed player has made over 100 records with over 40 ensembles, releases about one album per month, spends over eight months per year on the road, and lives every other waking moment composing, arranging, performing - and taking his dog Bill to canine counseling. Though Vandermark was the recipient of a 1999 MacArthur Genius grant, he still spends most of his life in smoky clubs and low-budget recording studios, hoping people will plunk down hard-earned cash to hear his wholly non-commercial music.

Following the artful cinema verite style of the internationally acclaimed SHERIFF, MUSICIAN forgoes all interviews and voice-overs. It is a fly-on-the-wall time capsule that expertly captures every subtle sound and texture of this most American of art forms.

MUSICIAN is #2 in the WORK SERIES, a series of independent documentaries that seek to create an ongoing document of the American worker. (#1 was SHERIFF, which showed at the Pioneer in 2005.) Taking inspiration from Studs Terkel and Frederick Wiseman, the WORK films are entertaining and enlightening, empowering and amusing, spectacular and mundane. Using a cinema verite aesthetic, independent filmmaker Daniel Kraus captures the sights, sounds, and textures of different American jobs, without the accompaniment of interviews, musical score, or even a story. Each chapter reveals the surprising, engaging, even redemptive routines of hard-working men and women across all 50 States."

Here is the screening & tix info:

(dir. Daniel Kraus, 60 mins, 2007)
Weds Sept 5 9pm - buy tix
Thurs Sept 6 9pm - buy tix
Fri Sept 7 9pm - buy tix
Sat Sept 8 9pm - buy tix
Sun Sept 9 9pm - buy tix
Mon Sept 10 9pm - buy tix
Tues Sept 11 9pm - buy tix

Explore more at Pioneer's site.

Here is a web site for the movie.

Here is a web site for Ken Vandermark.

- Sujewa


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