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Multichannel News article gives gross revenue figures for 15 IFC First Take films

Since the topic of IFC First Take has suddenly become much talked about & contested in the web/blog world (see Brian Neman's post), here is an article at Multichannel News that gives gross revenue figures for 15 First Take movies. The MN article goes on to question the effect First Take has on indie theaters, and points out that First Take has been very useful to some indie film producers.

UPDATE: The gross figures that MN article gives are "box office" figures, so perhaps they do not include First Take's cable revenue, just ticket-sales-at-theaters figures. The article does go on to say the following:

" For IFC, the first 13 months worth of films generated 1 million viewings. At an average price of $5, that's only $5 million. Not a lot of money. For a big studio, that would be a lousy weekend for a single movie.

But for independent producers this is revenue they've never had before, IFC and Comcast contend. "

- Sujewa


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