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New blog name for the new mission

So, once again, the name of this blog has changed, from DIY FILM EXPLOSION to THE WILD DINER FILMS & NEW AMERICAN (MULTI-ETHNIC) INDEPENDENT FILM BLOG. Yeah, it's a long name, but, that's cool; I operate in the indie/real indie film world & there is plenty of room here.

So starting now the main focus of the blog will be 1) my own movies and 2) other American (made in the US or with people or ideas from/related to here having significant roles in the production of the movie) indie movies featuring a diverse/multi-ethnic casts and or movies directed by minority filmmakers. In addition, I will be writing about whatever else that I feel like writing about; be it film (even Hollywood!) or politics or building time travel machines in your basement.

Should be fun.

- Sujewa


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