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No Wave Cinema essay link :: Clip from The Foreigner

Check out No New Cinema: Punk and No Wave Underground Film 1976 - 1984 by Harris Smith here.

Here is a section from the first paragraph:

" This brief movement, which had no particular name but is sometimes referred to as “No Wave” (after the underground music scene it shared many players in common with) or “New Cinema” (after a short-lived screening room on St. Mark’s Place run by several filmmakers on the scene), remains largely unknown, and yet had a significant impact on both underground film, spawning the Cinema of Transgression (Beth B, Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Tessa Hughes Freeland and others) and the notion of mainstream independent film in New York (Jim Jarmusch, Tom DiCillo, Steve Buschemi, Vincent Gallo)."

Read the rest here.

A clip from the No Wave film The Foreigner, released in 1978, directed by Amos Poe:

- Sujewa


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