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Saw Delirious

I saw Tom DiCillo's new film Delirious on Thu 8/23 evening - well, the 12:15 or so show, at the Angelika in NYC (no matinee discounts/$11 for a noon show! - i guess that's new york :( Flick was well made, many of the audience members at the show seem to dig it, some laughed out loud several times. On the surface the overall mood of the film seems bitter, with the relative innocence & the openness of the young central character mixed in for some sweetness. Steve Buscemi was fun to watch. The worlds depicted in the movie (the mainstream entertainment industry, homeless kid with big dreams of fame) are not ones that I am too interested in so I guess I am not really the target audience for the movie (i'm like more into movies that only like 50 people are really into - made for "no money" on DV & making "no money" at theaters, unfortunately for all concerned :), but Delirious seems like it would have sold well as just a regular wide release comedy - something that plays in all the malls in America - I can see a lot of teen girls digging it due to the young lead dude in the film, and I guess teen dudes digging it too, for different reasons (there is a little bit of an Entourage feel in the flick - getting that impossible big break, etc., etc.). Maybe eventually Delirious will go wide & or perhaps many people will check it out on DVD. I definitely wish Mr. DiCillo the best with this movie (as in I hope it makes a lot of money) 'cause I got a lot of enjoyment out of his earlier films Johhny Suede & Living In Oblivion, and with a financial success on his hands he may do some more weird little movies like those early gems, in addition to stuff like Delirious that should appeal to a wider audience.

Delirious definitely feels like it is made for a wide audience, and hopefully that audience will get a chance to discover it. Go here (Stylus Magazine) to read a pretty positive (they give it a B+) review of Delirious. And then go watch the movie for yourself, give it a chance, just because DiCillo did a couple of excellent movies in the past. And who knows, maybe you & Tom are in the same place at this point in time & maybe you'll connect with the movie really, really well.

- Sujewa


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