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Stranger Than Hollywood blog updated

I made a little progress report on my feature #3, the next movie, over at its blog Stranger Than Hollywood. The challenge, for me, with STH - an indie movie about the making of an indie movie - is to not take the Living In Oblivion path (which is one of my all time favorite movies) but still make it entertaining & worth watching for the kind of people who like watching movies or TV shows about making movies (that's my kind of people, i am a big fan of that "genre"), I think I've figured out the way. Read about it at this STH entry.

STH, my film #5, feature #3, will hopefully be completed by the end of this year. You may see a drastic drop-off in how much I post here in the coming weeks, as I get busier with STH & also with the next phase of DNO distribution (DVDs this month, may not make the 8/15 deadline though, but should certainly have them by the time I go to NYC on 8/23). I hope to update the STH blog at least once a month and this blog as DNO news breaks or other important DIY film related stuff needs to be shared.

- Sujewa


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