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Tom "Delirious" DiCillo is blogging

Just read about 5 entries at Tom DiCillo's blog, re: the release of Delirious, good stuff. Check it out here. Here is a sample from his post re: Delirious adventures in Turkey:

" I went to the Awards Ceremony the following night even though I knew Delirious wasn’t going to win anything. At every competition festival I’ve ever been in someone always finds a way to let you know the night before. But I figured what the hell; what else am I going to do in Istanbul on a Friday night? The ceremony was entirely in Turkish. A famous Turkish woman came out and sang a Turkish song. She came out three more times before they announced the winner of the first international competition prize. I was astounded to hear my name. I’d won the Jury Prize, the Silver Tulip. I got up on stage and looked out at a vast convention hall full of Turkish people and a live broadcast to Turkish TV. I’d not even thought of preparing a speech. “At times like these,” I said, “It really makes me wish I’d taken Turkish in high school.” "

Read the rest here.

Looking forward to checking out Delirious.

- Sujewa


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