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Trailers & clips for all the Gen DIY/Mumblecore films playing at IFC Center NYC 8/22 - 9/4/07

IFC Center page for The New Talkies: Generation DIY series.

Buy tickets for the shows here.

Titles, play dates @ IFC Center, & trailers/clips:

* Hannah Takes the Stairs
8/22 - 8/28

* Funny Ha Ha
8/22 - 8/23

* Kissing On The Mouth

Trailer link:
(didn't see it on YouTube or MySpaceTV)

* Young American Bodies: Season 1 2006

The show at Nerve Video:

* The Puffy Chair
8/26 - 8/27

* Dance Party, USA
8/28 - 8/29

* Quiet City
8/29 - 9/4

Quiet City Trailer

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* Hohokam

* Team Picture

Team Picture trailer

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* Mutual Appreciation
8/31 - 9/1

9/2 - 9/3

this page points to a QuickTime trailer (didn't see a YouTube trailer to embed):

* Quietly On By

* Mumbleshorts

The IFC site does not list the titles of the shorts, so, I am going with this Cinematical article that provides links & info. on several short films by Mumblecore filmmakers; some or all of these maybe present at the Mumbleshorts program @ IFC Center on 9/4.

- Sujewa


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