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Yet another blog name change :)

Yup, now this blog is called DIY FILM EXPLOSION. And yes, very likely I will change the name again in the future. At least the URL always stays the same, so that's good. I got the idea for this name from the fact that recently, within the last couple of years, DIY film (ultra-low budget, self-reliant production & self-distribution) has become a mainstream indie film world recognized (better recognized & respected I should say) & celebrated sub genre (indieWIRE's Editor-in-Chief Eugene Hernandez mentions it here in a post re: a very important topic, and IFC Center is about to do a screening series called Generation DIY), a large number of excellent & mainstream accessible DIY films have appeared so far in this decade (more on that here - a list of 7 films, but there are hundreds of great DIY films out there now), and there is bound to be a lot more DIY films made & released in the near future due to technological changes (digital video/HD is getting better & better), equipment pricing improvements (high quality cameras & other gear becoming less & less expensive; good 3 chip MiniDV cameras are cheaper now due to the introduction of affordable HD cameras) & current trends in distributor buying habits (established distributors ignoring most no budget, no star films due to the perceived low profit margin from those projects & thus filmmakers having to engage in self-distribution, very small or new distribution companies - such as Benten - coming into existence to serve the high level of DIY production). So a DIY film explosion is happening, and this blog will cover a little bit of that very interesting event.

The new name is also inspired by the band name Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, I like their music. I also like being able to lightly reference an indie rock act through the new blog name because indie rock has always been a source of inspiration, a biz. model even, for my filmmaking & distro work .

New blog name, but pretty much the same ol' self-promotion party with hopefully some useful links & stories thrown in on a regular basis :)

And yes, still on my "blog vacation". Probably 'till 8/15 or so. I expect to blog very little until then.

It is kind of nice to not have to blog a lot everyday. It's making me work more on my scripts. Freedom from writing is sometimes as desirable as the freedom to write.

- Sujewa


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