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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Thousands march in London for democracy in Burma

At 9/28/07 BBC article: India's lack of action on behalf of the people of Burma seen as "disgusting"

YouTube videos, Free Burma protest DC 9/28/07 Fri: "China, China Shame On You" & international Buddhist monks chanting

video: In Hiding: A year of survival under the Burma Army 2004 - 2005

Link to 4 photos from a Free Burma protest in NYC

Finished 2 Actors script!

link to a photo of today's Free Burma protest in DC :: Update: other photo & video & text links

Some notes from pro-Burma/pro-democracy protests in DC today :: Photos coming soon

Camera Stilo joins the US indie film bloggers re: Burma blog-a-thon

Protests at Burmese Embassy and Chinese Embassy tomorrow (Fri 9/28/07) in Washington, DC

Over 25 Hollywood celebrities send letter to UN Secretary General re: securing the release of imprisoned Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi

What you can do to help Burma - from US Campaign for Burma website

US Campaign for Burma website

An hour by hour account of events in Burma at Mizzima News :: Article on armed rebels (from 10/06)

Mizzima News has a lot of material on the protests in Burma

What are some of the things that the Burmese people are angry at their government about?

China and Russia not too troubled by monks & other protesters getting killed & beaten by the Burmese Junta :: Other UN leaders try to help protesters

How can a pacifist organization be useful to the Burmese people in a struggle against a violent & armed dictatorship? BBC article explains

Bloggers/DIY journalists vs. Burmese junta

the video image humanizes/brings you closer OR emotionally beautiful photography in Cache

Book claims to have proof of a lost dynasty (over 3,000 years old) in Sri Lanka

Orange revolution

Interview with director & script writer of Rwandan movie Munyurangabo

BBC: "Ethnic minorities face film woes"

Amir Motlagh completes feature Whale :: Plans to release Whale, short Plain Us, feature Micro in coming months

Writing a script about race & film on a weekend where the Jena 6 protests are the biggest news item

DC art house Dupont 5 is closing on January 13

Jim Carrey joins the anti-Burmese (Myanmar) junta protest campaign through a YouTube video

Cult Cinema Hero: The Art of Charles Burnett - interview

AICN interview with John Sayles re: The Honeydripper

Eszter Balint interview at SiouxWIRE

Conversation with Eric "Camera Stilo blog" Strattman

Interviewed at Camera Stilo

DC area man decides to watch an IFC First Take movie on TV after seeing ad for theatrical run of same movie in local newspaper

Locations & Astronauts

Interview with Great World of Sound star Kene Holiday at

My Brother's Wedding review at New York Times

Shopping for a filmmaking education in the Boston area

"And Wes Anderson starts coming because we have the chess night."

Had meeting # 1 re: 2 Actors short

2 Actors At A Diner After An Audition :: Use of this blog

Short re: race & indie film in the works (flick inspired in part by the posts/discussion here re: Gen DIY series)

This blog now retired, see ya at the new Wild Diner Films blog

6 characters, 90 minutes, no hand held camera - latest on Stranger Than Hollywood

Links to 3 new projects :: Getting the blogging habit under control

Photos iW BLOGGER MEET UP # 1 NYC 2007 8/23 Thu night Botanica bar :: Happy Labor Day hard working iW bloggers! :)

Indie filmmaking for working people - some tips

Got main character & story line selected for Stranger Than Hollywood :: early call for possible leads

Saw 2 DAYS IN PARIS, liked it a lot - will be added to my top 5 faves list, will see it again a couple more times soon

September 2 Do

I'm Not There trailer

NYC trip PHOTOS 2; Theaters; Pioneer, Anthology, Angelika

Paris based Haitian-American filmmaker Michelange Quay's EAT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY to screen at TIFF

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip