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"And Wes Anderson starts coming because we have the chess night."

Interview with actor Kumar Pallana at The Believer, from March 2003. Pallana has appeared in at least 3 Wes Anderson movies.

Here is a slice from the interview:

"KP: The problem was, India was marching for freedom. Gandhi was just coming up, the Congress party was ten, twenty years old, and they wanted to kick the British out. And they have the different parties. There were especially two: one with the violence, one with the non-violence. The violent people were underground. My brother was involved with the freedom fighters, with the violence. My brother was involved and we didn’t know and then all those people were captured and we find out that they are freedom fighters. And they were violent. They used violence because in those days the Raja and Maharaja were puppets. They were using people like slavery and then all the army controlled the land."

Read the rest here.

- Sujewa


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